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Who We Are

PlusPac is a one-stop solution provider for your cold chain delivery needs. Our clients are mainly from the fresh food, chilled food and frozen food sectors. Temperature sensitive products that needs chilling range from chocolates, gourmet ice cream, chilled meats, seafood, frozen “Ready To Eat” meals to blood, medicine and serum. Our range of EzyFreeze ice gel blocks and ice gel packs are the perfect solution to keep these products cold and fresh during transportation, without the messiness of melted ice and the high cost of dry ice.

We also provide customised thermal packaging solutions to meet your unique packaging size requirements. Using our proven thermal box liners and pouches, we provide our customers with the best-performing and most cost-effective insulation solutions.

Medi-Gel pack is another innovative product to provide “medicine free” pain relief. Our hot and cold pack is the preferred pain relief method for patients who have undergone oral and maxillofacial surgery. It can also be used for short term or chronic pain relief.


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