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EzyFreeze® Ice Gel Blocks are another innovative product that provides a chilled transportation environment for your product without the messiness of melted ice and the high cost of dry ice.

For the transportation of fresh, perishable, heat sensitive products, EzyFreeze® Ice Gel Blocks deliver a chilled ambient temperature for up to 24 hours (using insulated containers) without the messiness of melted ice. Unlike ice, EzyFreeze® Ice Gel Blocks absolutely does not leak fluid throughout the entire chilling process.

These ice gel blocks are normally used in insulated bags or boxes. Choose these if you need the cooling aid to be of a rigid shape. It will keep your food cold until you consume them.

EzyFreeze Ice Gel Blocks

Freeze the ice gel blocks before use. In its frozen state, EzyFreeze® ice gel blocks will ensure that your products stay chilled during the transportation stage.  As the refrigerant gel has a higher latent heat of fusion, it is able to absorb more heat before it reaches 0 degrees and it will also take a much longer time to reach room temperature.


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